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Whiting-Turner and Cleveland Clinic Mentor/Protégé

Cleveland Clinic’s innovative Construction Mentor/Protégé Program is designed to develop and assist in the growth of Northeast Ohio minority business enterprises within the construction and design fields. In 2014, Whiting-Turner enthusiastically joined the effort as a founding partner in the program.

Our objective was to engage in a relationship with a firm that could benefit from working with us, while providing them with the opportunity to develop their skills in construction management—specifically of healthcare facilities. We also wanted a partner that was currently self-sustaining, and would not rely solely on our relationship to maintain their business. After an extensive review of the six potential partners, we selected The AKA Team as the best fit for the program.

The eleven key areas of measurable protégé development in the program are Financial, Preconstruction, Business Development, Construction Operations, Human Resources, Scheduling, Quality Control, Budget Control, Progress Payments, Technology, and Self-Perform Capabilities. In order to best help The AKA Team achieve success in these areas, Whiting-Turner has integrated AKA project personnel into our operational staffs on two major Cleveland Clinic projects and is furthering the relationship on non-Cleveland Clinic projects. Periodic AKA self-assessments of 100 subset skills indicate areas of growth, and target areas of focus for the next period.

The Whiting-Turner / AKA relationship continues to be a shining example of the success of Cleveland Clinic’s Construction Mentor/Protégé program.
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