Showing Our Appreciation

At Whiting-Turner, employees are quite simply very much appreciated. When you hire the best, you take care of them. We ensure the health and wellness of our employees and their families, and we provide the vehicles to ensure their continued happiness and security upon retirement. That's why our professional base is quite probably the most stable in the industry.

Other Benefits
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Whiting-Turner offers a Flexible Spending Account that allows you to make pre-tax payroll deductions to reduce your taxes and diminish out-of-pocket expenditures not covered by insurance such as deductibles. This coverage is for employees and dependents.

In addition, we cover 100% of the cost of bi-weekly contributions to a Dental / Vision / Medical Reimbursement Account for every employee. This account covers employees and their dependents on expenses not covered by other company plans, and unused amounts carry over from year to year while you are employed.

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