Showing Our Appreciation

At Whiting-Turner, employees are quite simply very much appreciated. When you hire the best, you take care of them. We ensure the health and wellness of our employees and their families, and we provide the vehicles to ensure their continued happiness and security upon retirement. That's why our professional base is quite probably the most stable in the industry.

Other Benefits
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We know how important it is for you to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle when it is time to retire from your dedicated career. With Whiting-Turner, you will benefit from a 100% company-funded and insured pension plan. Your benefits will grow with years of service and salary, and will 100% vest after five years. In addition, you will automatically be enrolled in our 401(k) program. All contributions are vested immediately. Based upon your performance and tenure, and at our discretion, you may also be awarded Stock Appreciation Rights (SARS). At no cost to you, your SARS value will appreciate commensurate with the company's growth in net worth.

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