• BIM / VDC Value Added
    • Clash Detection

      Clash detection software checks for intersecting geometry and materials tolerances, so issues may be resolved virtually, quickly and inexpensively.

    • Electronic Shop Drawings

      Electronic shop drawings are saving between four and six days per submittal, are significantly reducing printing and shipping costs, and are more effectively sustaining our environment.

    • Prefab - Modular

      Prefabrication of building systems and components is made possible by the accuracy of the digital submission process. This saves costly rework; reduces waste, installation time and on-site labor; and significantly enhances quality and safety.

      Off-Site Fabrication Brochure

    • 3D Site Logistics Plans

      3D site logistics plans are far more accurate and effective than 2D drawings, enabling all stakeholders to visualize planned actions. Plan considerations such as safety, security, access, traffic flow, staging and storage can be tested and approved in a model at each phase of the project by all involved parties. This ensures all needs are met.

    • Virtual Mock-Ups

      Virtual mock-ups enable the client/users to visualize the building's exterior and interior spaces. Design details can be finalized and incorporated into the mockup before money is committed to actual construction. The virtual mock-ups also significantly enhance worker understanding of installation sequence and expected quality.

    • Constructability Review and Material Installation

      Constructability review and materials installation are done virtually. Proper sequencing is validated, safety measures are properly planned, and first-time quality is significantly enhanced. In addition, the efficiency of just-in-time deliveries is ensured.

    • Facility Management

      Facility management is far more efficient and effective with 3D as-built documentation linked to equipment, parametric data and electronic close out documents such as operations and maintenance manuals, parts, lists, warranty information, and troubleshooting guides. Digital data also drives activities such as energy analyses, asset management and space planning.

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SUNY Albany student dormitory
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