Fraud Alerts

Recruitment Fraud

Fraudulent job recruitment scams are a growing problem and target many businesses across all industries. These scams often consist of fraudulent job descriptions and e-mails offering false jobs, pretending to recruit on behalf of companies. They may include company logos in e-mails and may even identify actual company managers or staff with phone numbers and spoofed email addresses. These fraudulent “recruiters” pretend to solicit applications on behalf of the company and notify individuals that their qualifications were found to be suitable for employment. They then typically request sensitive personal and financial information, and/or even demand money transfers or payments from applicants.

E-mail correspondence from the perpetrators of such scams is often sent from free web-based email accounts such as,, or, etc. All legitimate correspondence from Whiting-Turner employees will come only from an “” email account. There are no variations of these email addresses. Whiting-Turner does not extend unsolicited offers of employment by email or by unsolicited contact through social media platforms. Whiting-Turner does not request any type of payment from a candidate during the recruiting or hiring process.

Any individuals making any such fraudulent offers of employment are not affiliated with The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company. Such fraudulent offers are made without the knowledge or approval of Whiting-Turner. We consider the unauthorized use of our company name or the names of Whiting-Turner employees to be a crime.

Check Fraud

Individuals should exercise caution if they receive unexplained checks payable to them that appear to be coming from The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company or appear to be drawn upon a Whiting-Turner Contracting Company checking account if they are not transacting business with Whiting-Turner. Whiting-Turner does not typically send checks to anyone unless the company is doing business with that individual or entity. Never deposit any check into your bank account unless you are sure it is genuine and legitimate.

Payment Instruction Fraud

Third parties sometimes attempt to illegally obtain payments through fraudulent e-mails or other forms of communication by providing new and different payment instructions to customers of companies. Payment instructions appear in both your contract with Whiting-Turner and Whiting-Turner’s standard form invoice. Please do not act upon or accept any request to change the payment instructions specified in your contract with Whiting-Turner and/or on Whiting-Turner’s standard invoice. Any such changes are extremely rare and you should verbally confirm any change in payment instructions with your Project Manager via phone call to a number at Whiting-Turner that you know to be accurate.

By making you aware of these fraudulent scams, we hope to keep you from being victimized, and ultimately to stop these scams from being perpetrated against others. Victims of such scams in the U.S. are encouraged to contact their local law enforcement and victims outside the U.S. are encouraged to contact Interpol.
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