Clemson University Core Campus Development

The Clemson University Core Campus Development consists of 177,000 SF of residential units, 76,000 SF of dining facilities, 11,000 SF of academic space for the Honors College and related site development. The Core Campus is not just a simple collection of different buildings grouped together, but an integrated mega-structure which anchors this development on campus. Two, seven-story residence halls comprise the Calhoun Honors College, with assembly and administrative space at the first floor around a raised courtyard. Common lounges and studies connected by open stairs enhance the community on upper floors within the buildings, while the students are housed in double and single semi-suites with semi-private baths. On the south end of the site, there is also a 258-bed hall that provides double occupancy rooms with private baths and shared lounges.

This project achieved LEED® Silver certification.
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