University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Radiation Oncology Building

This new healthcare facility is a 72,000 SF, three-story building to consolidate the Radiation Oncology operations at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. This first phase included nine total vaults, six for traditional linear accelerators, one CyberKnife, one high-dose rate brachytherapy and one GammaPod system. The facility also includes CT imaging, exam/consultation, academic offices and a conference center. The most unique feature of the facility is the reduced size of the linear accelerator vaults from a standard of nearly 1,100 SF to just over 600 SF, made possible by the elimination of the maze entry and the addition of a second shielded door accessing a technical corridor behind the vaults. Accommodations have been made to support a Phase II expansion in the future, adding 30,000 SF to the facility including six additional accelerator vaults.

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