Universal Studios of California – Citywalk AMC Theater Renovation

Renovation of an existing 18-screen AMC theater at Universal Studios in California, including new auditorium recliner seating, high-end finishes, sight and sound technology, a common area, concessions, a bar and a new main entrance. Each theater has 40 speakers and immersive surround sound, providing the ability to direct the audio in the theater to correlate with the images on the screen. The auditoriums, referred to as black box, are made up of black seats, speakers and walls to minimize any light interference to enhance the movie experience. There is also a Director’s Lounge, a full-scale cocktail bar where movie-goers can retreat before or after their showing. The exterior remodel included the integration of an updated entrance and storefront system, a new Universal sign and a new ticketing kiosk with digital displays on the interior of the new entrance.

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