Stanford University - Replacement Central Energy Facility

The overall central utility plant has five distinct areas/uses and includes a 67,000 SF Heat Recovery Chiller (HRC) plant, a 61,000 SF Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) boiler plant, three thermal energy storage tanks (1.2 million gallons), three OSHPD cooling towers, a new 60 kV substation, and a net-zero energy consumption administrative facility with 13,000 SF of PV panels. The HRC boiler plant has an initial chilled water capacity of 22,600 tons with an expansion of up to 30,600 tons, and the initial 131.0 MMBTUH has space/piping to expand the plant to 198.0 MMBTUH. The OSHPD plant has an initial 12,000 tons of cooling with an expansion up to 16,000 tons, and the initial 195.0 MMBTUH has space/piping to expand the plant to 325.0 MMBTUH.

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