AE Polysilicon - KIPC Plant

This 32-acre, multi-phased polysilicon production facility is located on an existing brownfield site. This project included substantial amounts of existing building and underground utility demolition, as well as the complete development of new underground utility systems. These included special systems, such as contained drainage, industrial waste and high pressure/high volume firewater, as well as the traditional services of potable water, sanitary and storm sewer. The scope above-ground included large, pile-supported mat foundations, rigging and setting of major utility and modularized process equipment, and over 45,000 LF of interconnecting utility and process piping on multi-layered, box-truss steel pipe racks. The project also included several pre-engineered buildings and associated design/build interior construction of those areas.

Industrial Industry Excellence Coordinator: Michael Ernst | | 410.821.1100

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