George Mason University Biomedical Research Laboratory (BRL)

This new 52,000 GSF, two-story building consists of vivarium, laboratory, laboratory support and office spaces. Additionally, it includes a 3,200 SF, ABSL-3 vivarium laboratory space; a 2,400 SF, ABSL-2 vivarium laboratory space; a 1,600 SF, BSL-3 laboratory suite; a 2,800 SF, BSL-2 laboratory suite; and 18,725 SF of mechanical/interstitial penthouse space. The laboratory space consists of a highly controlled HVAC system, casework, autoclaves, bio-safety cabinets, fume hoods, surgical rooms, etc. The laboratory support space consists of two environmental cold chambers, cage storage and wash areas, a decontamination area, air lock, tissue digester and quarantine areas. The building’s structure is concrete and structural steel, and the façade has metal panels and CMU. The entrance, receiving area, exterior windows and doors are blast-proof. This facility is one of the 13 BRLs in the U.S. and is partially funded by a grant issued by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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