AMC Pleasure Island
Construction services to convert an existing 24-screen movie theatre into a fork and screen theatre, which includes a full-service kitchen and service bar. Also included on the opposite side of the theatre are a total of seven state-of-the-art touchscreen Coke machines that offer 106 different Coca-Cola products, a full service bar upstairs and on the mezzanine level, and a concession area that serves ice cream, coffee, candy, hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn.

The project was done in three total phases and remained operational for the duration of the project. Also added later as a change order to our initial contract were new hygienic and environmentally safe Dyson hand dryers in all of the Level 1 restroom areas. Whiting-Turner is currently doing Phase 4, which includes a facelift on the inside of the other 18 theatres. Work includes new paint, carpet, theatre seats, and aisle lighting.

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