Coming to a Campus Near You

Alfred University10/3/2019
Arizona State University9/18/2019
Auburn University10/16/2019
Ball State University10/4/2019
Boise State University9/12/2019
Bowling Green State University9/24/2019
Brigham Young University, Idaho10/3/2019
Brigham Young University, Provo9/25/2019
Bucknell University9/24/2019
California Baptist University9/25/2019
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona9/17/2019
California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo10/24/2019
California State University, Chico10/1/2019
California State University, Fullerton10/24/2019
California State University, Long Beach9/25/2019
California State University, Sacramento10/25/2019
Ball State University10/4/2019
Capitol Community College9/12/2019
Central Connecticut State University11/12/2019
Central Washington University10/3/2019 – 10/4/2019
Clarkson University9/10/2019 – 9/11/2019
Clemson University10/3/2019
Cleveland State University9/27/2019
Columbia University9/13/2019
Eastern Michigan University10/3/2019
Elizabethtown College11/1/2019
Ferris State University10/10/2019
Frostburg State University10/9/2019
George Mason University10/2/2019
George Washington University9/13/2019
Georgia Institute of Technology9/4/2019
Georgia Southern University9/11/2019
Howard University10/15/2019
Illinois State University9/12/2019
James Madison University9/23/2019 – 9/24/2019
Kennesaw State University9/18/2019
Lafayette College9/18/2019
Lawrence Technological University9/19/2019
Lehigh University9/12/2019
Louisiana State University9/10/2019: STEM Career Expo
10/10/2019: Construction Interviewing Day
Loyola University Maryland10/2/2019
Loyola Marymount University9/19/2019
Michigan State University9/26/2019
Middle Tennessee University10/2/2019
Millersville University10/3/2019
Milwaukee School of Engineering9/26/2019 – 9/27/2019
Missouri University of Science and Technology9/24/2019
Montana Tech9/18/2019
Morgan State University10/16/2019
Murray State University10/16/2019
Norfolk State University10/23/2019
North Carolina A&T State University
9/10/2019 – 9/11/2019
Northern Kentucky University9/25/2019
Northern Michigan University9/19/2019: Construction Management & Technology Career Fair
10/16/2019: Fall Semester Job Fair
Norwich University10/24/2019
Ohio State University9/23/2019: Engineering Expo
9/25/2019: Construction Career Expo
Oklahoma State University9/17/2019
Old Dominion University10/29/2019
Oregon State University10/23/2019
Pennsylvania College of Technology10/15/2019
Penn State University, Behrend9/25/2019
Penn State University, Harrisburg10/2/2019
Penn State University, University Park9/18/2019: Fall Career Days, Internship & Co-op
9/18/2019: Industrial Engineering Career Fair
9/24/2019: Architectural Engineering Career Fair
10/24/2019: ASCE Civil Engineering Mixer and Career Fair
Purdue University9/9/2019: IISE Engineering Career Fair and Networking Reception
10/9/2019: Civil Engineering Career Fair
Rochester Institute of Technology10/23/2019
Roger Williams University10/30/2019
Salisbury University10/23/2019: STEM Networking Night
10/24/2019: Women in STEM Panel
Sam Houston State University, Houston9/26/2019
San Diego State University10/17/2019
Slippery Rock University10/3/2019
Stevenson University10/2/2019
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry10/1/2019
Syracuse University9/24/2019
Temple University10/3/2019
Tennessee Tech University9/24/2019
Texas A&M University9/17/2019: Info Session
9/19/2019: Construction Science Career Fair
Texas Christian University9/18/2019: Career and Intern Expo
10/2/2019: Engineering and Technology Career Fair
Texas State University9/26/2019
Texas Tech University9/18/2019
The Citadel10/15/2019
Thomas Jefferson University9/26/2019
Towson University9/20/2019
University at Buffalo10/12/2019
University of Arizona9/17/2019
University of Akron10/8/2019
University of Arkansas9/25/2019 – 9/26/2019
University of California, Irvine10/17/2019
University of California, Los Angeles10/31/2019
University of California, San Diego10/2/2019
University of Connecticut9/26/2019
University of Delaware9/24/2019
University of Georgia9/23/2019
University of Hartford11/7/2019
University of Hawaii, Manoa10/16/2019
University of Houston9/10/2019
University of Kentucky9/24/2019
University of Louisiana, Monroe9/25/2019
University of Maine10/16/2019
University of Maryland, College Park9/25/2019
University of Massachusetts, Lowell10/3/2019
University of Mississippi9/19/2019
University of Nevada, Las Vegas10/9/2019
University of Nevada, Reno8/29/2019: Job and Internship Expo
9/19/2019: Engineering Fall Career Fair
University of North Carolina, Charlotte9/27/2019: College of Engineering Fall Picnic
10/1/2019: Construction Internship and Career Fair
University of North Texas10/2/2019
University of Notre Dame9/17/2019
University of Oklahoma9/26/2019
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh9/18/2019
University of Rhode Island10/2/2019
University of South Carolina9/24/2019
University of Southern California10/2/2019
University of Tennessee9/17/2019: Engineering Fair
10/10/2019: Construction Science Career Fair
University of Texas, Arlington9/24/2019
University of Texas, Austin9/10/2019
University of Texas, San Antonio9/17/2019
University of Vermont10/22/2019
University of Virginia9/9/2019: Networking Night
9/10/2019 – 9/11/2019: Engineering Career Fair
University of Wisconsin – Platteville9/23/2019
Utah Valley University10/9/2019
Virginia Commonwealth University9/18/2019 – 9/19/2019
Virginia Military Institute10/21/2019
Virginia Polytechnic Institute9/11/2019: Engineering Expo
9/25/2019: Building Construction
10/24/2019: Civil Engineering Career Fair
Virginia State University9/19/2019
Washington State University10/1/2019 – 10/2/2019
Wayne State University10/14/2019
Wentworth Institute of Technology10/2/2019
West Virginia University9/12/2019: College of Engineering Career Fair
9/25/2019: Career and Internship Fair
10/17/2019: Tech Career, Internship and Co-Op Fair
Western Kentucky University10/23/2019
Western Michigan University9/25/2019
Widener University11/4/2019
Wilberforce University10/15/2019
Williamson College of the Trades11/13/2019
Worcester Polytechnic Institute9/19/2019
Youngstown State University10/3/2019