Virtual Career Fairs

Appalachian State University: Building Sciences Fair 02/09/2021
Appalachian State University: Internship Fair 01/27/2021
Arizona State University 02/25/2021
Associated Schools of Construction Competition (Reno, Nevada) 02/06/2021
Boise State University 02/17/2021
Brigham Young University-Idaho 02/11/2021
Bucknell University 02/11/2021
Cal Baptist University 02/17/2021
Cal Poly Pomona 03/04/2021
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo: Civil Engineering Fair 01/15/2021
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo: Construction Management Fair 02/26/2021
California State University, Fullerton 02/24/2021
California State University, Long Beach 02/17/2021
Catholic University of America 02/26/2021
Central Connecticut State University 02/25/2021
Clarkson University 02/08/2021
Cleveland State University 02/19/2021
Colorado State University 02/23/2021
Drexel University 02/04/2021
Duke University 02/09/2021
East Carolina University 02/17/2021
Ferris State University 02/17/2021
Florida Institute of Technology: Engineering Fair 01/20/2021
Florida Institute of Technology: Engineering, Science and Technology, and Construction Management Fair 02/10/2021
Florida Polytechnic University 02/09/2021
Illinois State University 02/16/2021
Kent State University 02/05/2021
Lehigh University 02/18/2021
Louisiana State University 03/11/2021
Miami University 02/25/2021
Milwaukee School of Engineering 01/21/2021
Minnesota State University, Mankato 02/11/2021
Morgan State University 02/18/2021
Murray State University 03/03/2021
New Jersey Institute of Technology 02/19/2021
North Carolina A&T State University 02/24/2021
North Dakota State University 02/04/2021
Northern Arizona University 02/25/2021
Ohio State University 02/03/2021
Ohio State University: Construction Career Fair 02/16/2021
Ohio University 02/11/2021
Oklahoma State University 01/29/2021
Pennsylvania State University: ASCE Spring Fair 02/25/2021
Pennsylvania State University: Engineering Career Week 01/27/2021
Pennsylvania State University: Spring Career Days 02/16/2021
Prairie View A&M University 02/10/2021
Princeton University 02/19/2021
Rutgers University 02/05/2021
Sam Houston State University 02/24/2021
San Diego State University 02/10/2021
South Dakota State University 02/11/2021
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry 02/24/2021
Stony Brook University 02/02/2021
Syracuse University 02/10/2021
Tarleton State University 01/26/2021
Tennessee Tech University 03/03/2021
Texas A&M University 02/26/2021
Texas Christian University 02/18/2021
Texas State University 02/25/2021
Texas Tech University 02/24/2021
The College of New Jersey 02/24/2021
The State University of New York, Farmingdale 02/25/2021
University of Akron 02/17/2021
University of Akron: CMAA Symposium 02/12/2021
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa 02/24/2021
University of Arizona 02/04/2021
University of Arkansas, Little Rock 03/09/2021
University of California, Los Angeles 01/28/2021
University of Central Florida 02/03/2021
University of Cincinnati 02/10/2021
University of Colorado, Boulder 02/09/2021
University of Connecticut 02/24/2021
University of Delaware 02/18/2021
University of Houston 02/16/2021
University of Louisiana, Monroe 02/24/2021
University of Maryland, Baltimore County 02/05/2021
University of Michigan: Business Fair 02/11/2021
University of Michigan: Engineering Fair 02/09/2021
University of Nebraska, Kearney 03/04/2021
University of Nebraska, Lincoln 02/24/2021
University of Nebraska, Omaha 02/17/2021
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 03/12/2021
University of North Florida 02/24/2021
University of North Texas 02/24/2021
University of Notre Dame 02/16/2021
University of Oklahoma 03/18/2021
University of Pittsburgh 02/24/2021
University of Southern California 02/11/2021
University of Tennessee 02/23/2021 and 02/25/2021
University of Texas, Arlington 02/26/2021
University of Texas, Austin 02/04/2021
University of Utah 02/08/2021
University of Vermont 02/24/2021
University of Wisconsin-Platteville 02/15/2021
University of Wyoming 02/24/2021
Utah State University 02/10/2021
Utah Valley University 02/03/2021
Villanova University 02/02/2021
Virginia Tech: Building Construction Fair 02/23/2021
Virginia Tech: CAMEO CareerFest 02/15/2021
Virginia Tech: Civil Engineering Fair 02/24/2021
West Virginia University: Career and Internship Fair 02/25/2021
West Virginia University: STEM Career and Internship Fair 02/24/2021
Western Kentucky University: Spring Job Fair 03/24/2021
Western Kentucky: STEM Career Fair 02/17/2021
Williamson College of the Trades 04/21/2021
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