Enhancing the Supplier Diversity Process



For more than 60 years, Whiting-Turner has been dedicated to the encouragement, advancement and utilization of minorities, women and small businesses in the construction industry. We are a leader in providing opportunities for disadvantaged firms on some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious projects. We take a great deal of pride in exceeding goals in everything we do, and we have a proven track record of leadership in support of initiatives that enhance the supplier diversity process. In addition, while we are very proud of our performance in those instances, we are prouder that 40% of our MBE and WBE expenditures take place on projects with no diversity requirements.



It is a matter of policy at Whiting-Turner that all diverse and small business entities are afforded the optimal opportunity to participate in the performance of any project-related work. This includes trade contractors, equipment and material suppliers, and other service providers at any tier. We take extra steps to maximize these opportunities, such as dividing major scope items into smaller components to allow for more procurement opportunities, reaching out to the subcontractor community, meeting with companies interested in the project for one-on-one discussions and keeping the community informed. It is also the policy that the status of these expenditures be reported to senior management on an annual basis.



For decades, Whiting-Turner has set an industry example using strategic partnerships that benefit minority and women-owned businesses. We have proactively invited diverse and small business entities to participate on many projects to promote the commitment of inclusion. These partnerships foster growth and enable the establishment of direct relationship procurements with many our clients. Alliances with these firms have played an essential role in the success of our business. We have not only partnered with these companies, but we have also informally mentored them by providing construction management and technical development.

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