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Whiting-Turner works in concert with you and your designers to promote quality academic, research, housing, athletic, activity and auxiliary facilities that attract exemplary students, faculty, staff members and visitors. Throughout the design we provide open, honest and timely communication of budget updates, value analysis, sustainability/LEED® information and schedules to facilitate informed decisions and successful project completion.



Whether the project is new construction, an addition or renovation, our stringent construction protocol addresses imperative matters such as:

  • Student, faculty, staff and visitor safety
  • Life safety systems maintenance
  • Environmental continuity
  • Access maintenance
  • Noise and behavior
  • Clean and appealing jobsite
  • Security
  • Signage

Communication is key. We make certain that your representatives are completely informed of every activity in advance, and that all activities are coordinated around your events and requirements.



Higher Education National Leader
Michael Palotas
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