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Whiting-Turner has been managing the construction of retail, office, residential, hospitality, entertainment and recreation projects for many years, but our ability to execute the integration of these components into a cohesive environment sets us apart. Our experts bring a depth of understanding for each of these industries and years of experience merging them to create impressive community destinations. Our proficiency with these project components and our ability to coordinate large, complex projects make Whiting-Turner a national leader in mixed-use construction.



  • Single building versus multiple buildings
  • Live-work-play environments
  • Maximizing space usage
  • Phased openings
  • Parks and plazas
  • Structural and mechanical considerations for stacking
  • Intersection of infrastructure, site and building façades
  • Interface of varying base building and tenant agreements
  • Local government requirements and interface



Mixed-Use National Leader
Tony Messina
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