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With our long history of building science and technology facilities across the United States, our expertise spans across many fields in the industry, including laboratories and vivariums, nanotechnology, as well as pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical. We know how to manage the challenges and intricacies that come with building these complex buildings. Our science and technology professionals are highly skilled and fully understand the importance of controlling each project’s cost, quality, schedule and the safety of your personnel and your valuable work.

Laboratories and


There is a simple reason for Whiting-Turner’s recognized leadership in the construction of research facilities. Our professionals understand the operational needs of the scientists, and our design phase input and construction phase control promote their satisfaction. Our understanding of issues on this type of project allow our solutions-oriented professionals to focus on key issues such as flexibility, maintainability, complex mechanical and electrical systems, commissioning and turnover.

Research, Production and


Whiting-Turner understands that nanotechnology research and production are fast-paced, highly competitive arenas. We take your need to be first to discovery and market very seriously. Confidentiality and reliability are a must. From universities to private industry, our professionals have the knowledge and experience to minimize schedule and reduce risk while maximizing cost efficiency, quality and safety for critical cleanroom environments.

Pharmaceuticals and


Whiting-Turner builds quality that can be validated according to the most stringent FDA, EU and other global guidelines following current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) standards. We are a leader in establishing benchmarks for sanitary construction and renovation. Our practical knowledge of pharmaceutical processes promotes rigorous quality, cost and schedule control. Some areas of our specialty include cGMP production facilities, medical device manufacturing, pilot plants and high-purity piping systems.



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