Balancing Image, Function and Economics



Whiting-Turner will work closely with you and your design team to build a facility that reflects your desired image and function within established budget and time parameters. Whether you need a complete headquarters fit-out or renovation of a leased space, Whiting-Turner has the knowledge and experience to successfully execute your project.

We understand that your facility has a direct bearing on your corporate and organizational success. At every single stage — from programming through warranty — our service is geared to promoting your ability to function efficiently and effectively.



Whether your need is for a new campus or building, or expansion/renovation of existing space, we pay particular attention to the details that affect you most:

  • Space plan efficiency
  • Initial and lifecycle cost analysis
  • Core area efficiency
  • Dependable, timely phased occupancy
  • Logistics coordination with facility management
  • Quality of finishes
  • Emphasis on lobby quality
  • Timely input on special and/or long-lead materials
  • Coordination with client FF&E suppliers
  • MEP expertise for tenant-driven system modifications
  • MEP expertise for phone, data and security coordination
  • Attention to sustainability/LEED® initiatives
  • Fast completion of a short punchlist
  • Building footprint site positioning
  • Structural and floor plate evaluations
  • Move management coordination
  • Occupied facility construction protocol



Office National Leader
Bob Kehoe
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