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Parking garages are very often viewed simply as a necessity, but we have the experience to understand the realities. Garages are often the first impression of a guest, customer or visitor, and it is essential that these structures are attractive, efficient, easy to navigate and low-maintenance. Our knowledgeable professionals can help your design team analyze the most important elements of precast, cast-in-place and steel garages.



Key considerations include:

  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Efficiency
  • Square footage and number of spaces
  • Circulation — one or two-way traffic
  • Effect on existing traffic flow
  • Vertical transportation
  • Façade treatment
  • Natural versus mechanical ventilation
  • Floor-to-ceiling clearance
  • Load and waterproofing
  • Revenue control/operating system
  • Graphics and signage
  • Maintenance and durability
  • Geopiers versus caissons
  • Staging of precast or steel delivery
  • Early shaft and opening coordination for precast



Parking National Leaders
Jay Cougnet & Robert Shaffer
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