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For more than 100 years, Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) has been at the forefront of Whiting-Turner’s culture, and our dedication is based on one simple core value: We have a moral commitment to provide a safe and secure environment for anyone who comes into contact with our operations.

Safety - Whiting-Turner

The safety of all individuals interfacing with our operations is best served because our people care about other people – we are responsible for the security of every individual working on, visiting or passing by our operations.

Our project teams implement and engage the most proven, effective safety management tools, strategies and equipment to maintain a safe jobsite. All of our operations personnel have completed OSHA 30-hour training, which empowers them to consistently monitor our operations for potentially unsafe conditions. Should any potential or perceived hazards be observed, they immediately initiate corrective actions.

For a project to be successful, it must be safe. Whiting-Turner instills a culture of safety in each of our employees in the earliest stages of their careers. We know from experience that our safety program, planning and training is tremendously effective, which allows our highly skilled teams to continue to build on our industry-wide reputation for safety excellence.




To thoroughly understand all aspects of what we are being asked to build to effectively plan safety into all areas of our construction efficiency process.


To staff our projects with highly skilled teams who maintain a dedicated unwavering personal commitment to the safety of all persons working on, visiting or passing by our projects.


To provide the highest level of job site leadership capable of creating and maintaining clear pathways to the safest and most productive work site environment.

Tools & Strategy

To implement and engage the most proven and effective Safety Management Tools, Strategies and equipment.

Senior Directors, Environmental Health and Safety
Nadine Green & Alex Kumar
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