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We strive to have the most sophisticated technology, efficiencies and integrated systems while improving the personal experience of a building’s occupants. High performance buildings can be a building or a series of buildings throughout a campus that integrate and optimize various technologies that increase the overall energy efficiency, lifecycle and efficient personnel usage of the building. Incorporation of high performance strategies, attributes and technologies need to be considered early in the design evolution.



Our teams work closely with project owners, designers and facilities personnel to outline the technologies that are most important to the project, while maintaining a balance between budget and integration into the project. Through our vast experience in high performance technology and innovation, we redefine the construction experience for our clients.



High Performance Buildings - Whiting-Turner

United Therapeutics Unisphere

United Therapeutics believes the reduction of the carbon footprint of the community benefits us all. This project is a LEED Platinum building that is pursuing net-zero energy. It includes 120,000 SF of new office space, 10,000 SF of retail space, a 75,000 SF parking garage, as well as public amenity space for the Silver Spring community.

High Performance Buildings National Leader
Greg Botteon
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