Off-Site Construction



Off-site construction presents an opportunity to improve project schedules and decrease project costs using techniques like prefabrication, modularization, panelization and preassembly. Quality and efficiencies improve when work is done ahead of time in a controlled environment. Additionally, reducing time and resources on site yields safer, cleaner and more efficient projects.


Prefabrication involves some level of work being completed prior to installation or final assembly on our projects. Prefabrication ranges from assemblies, spools and racks to walls and building sections.


Modular buildings are constructed in multiple sections or boxes, typically referred to as modules, in a controlled environment away from our project sites. The process is most efficient when there is some level of repeatability and/or consistency amongst the modules. After the individual modules are completed, they are shipped to the site and craned into place onto waiting foundations or structure.


Panelization is the construction of interior or exterior wall or floor assemblies at an off-site location in a controlled environment. Panels have a wide range of material options and are set in place upon delivery to the site to complete interior partitions or exterior wall assemblies.


Volumetric modular refers to the fact that an assembly is a complete three-dimensional box (like a building module or bathroom pod), as compared to the more two-dimensional aspect of panelized construction. Both approaches can be effective for our projects but are very different in the method of erecting or lifting and setting the components that have been prefabricated.



Off-Site Construction - Whiting-Turner

OhioHealth Neuroscience Center at Riverside Methodist Hospital

This project entails the design and construction of a 400,000 SF neuroscience/cardiac patient tower, including 224 individual private beds, renovation of existing surgery suites, linear accelerator, MRIs and CT scans, operating rooms, interventional radiology, outpatient clinics, 500-car addition to a parking garage, 7.5 MW emergency generator plant, central plant expansion and several acres of sitework.

Off-Site Construction National Leader
Jason Hannah
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